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Pre-Registration Programme 2020/21    

Are you looking for something different? A more personal, yet rounded experience? Check below below to discover the details of our exceptional Pre-registration programme and why you should complete your training in one of our Branches. 


Your overall development is very important to us, as a result, we provide the renowned training programme run by Buttercups, click on the link below for further details of the programme.

Buttercups Pre-registration Training Programme                            

We also recognise that the pre-registration year is not just about passing the exam, more importantly it is about developing you as a professional and a leader. We therefore provide training in the following areas: 

  • Pharmacy Business and Economics
  • Management and Leadership

Our Package

We are offering an extremely competitive package worth in excess of £20,000 consisting:

  1. £18,500 salary
  2. Enrolment on to the excellent Buttercups Pre-registration Training Programme (£1500 inc. VAT)
  3. Internal training and management programme covering pharmacy business & economics and pharmacy management & leadership


Career prospects

Allied Pharmacies has the vision and structural flexibility to offer you unique career opportunities once you qualify.


Our policy is to promote from within the company regardless of age or experience. If you impress during the pre-registration year, our head office team will look for opportunities to help you realise your potential. We have given a number of trainees management positions immediately upon completion of their Pre-registration year.


Once you fulfil the GPhC criteria to be a Pre-registration tutor, we will assign you a trainee for you to nurture and develop into a fully fledged professional.

 Business Partner

If you harbour ambitions to have your own pharmacy, we can help you get on that ladder, either as an individual or as one of our partners. A number of ex-trainees have been given this opportunity. We can also help you explore any of your own business ventures you may have in mind.


How To Apply 

  1. Check the branch locations on our homepage to see which areas / branches interest you.
  2. Send an email to the address below including a brief introduction, C.V. and a list of your preferred shops. There is no minimum or maximum limit on how many shops you can include on your preferred list. If you are happy to relocate anywhere in the country please state so.
  3. Interviews will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. Successful candidates will have their Pre-registration placements confirmed shortly after.


 Please note that we currently do not accept tier 2 applications